In 2001 First Baptist Church embarked on a course that would secure the future strength and growth of our fellowship. Our church purchased 117 acres of land for future development in the “new center” of Orange—5 miles NW of downtown.

In 2008 after six years of implementing significant changes in our priorities, programs, ministries, and missions, our church overwhelmingly approved beginning our relocation effort with the goal to be in new facilities by 2013.

Our goal is Clear – to build an initial building of approximately 30,000 square feet that will house worship for 500, preschool, children, student, and adult Connection Groups, and our ministries in inviting and functional facilities.

Our goal is Challenging – each member must share in support and sacrifice if this goal is to become a reality. We are asking each member to make sacrificial 3-year commitments, over and above their regular tithes to achieve this vision.

Our goal is Christ-honoring – We cannot do it without Him and we do it all for Him. He deserves all honor and praise for what has been and will be accomplished.

Our goal is more than a building, it is People. The building is a tool…our success is measured on the lives we help to change. Can you dream of a church where Children cannot wait for Sunday to arrive; where Students are discovering their unique purpose in life; where Families are taught, strengthened, and healed; and where the Community says, “this is a church that can only be explained by, ‘God Did It!’”


STEP 1 – Pray!
Prayer is the first and most important step in preparing your heart to respond to God’s call to action. Ask God how He wants you to participate in “Finish Strong.”

STEP 2 – Consider Your Sacrifice!
God does not expect equal gifts, but equal sacrifice. What does God want you and your family to do over the next 3 years? Talk with your family about what you will do.

STEP 3 – Expect Great Things!
Imagine the people—your friends and neighbors—and future generations which will be reached because we sacrificed. God always does more than we can dream.


Giving from your Income (over and above your tithe).

Giving from other assets like savings, stocks, real estate.

Giving from reduced expenses like eating out, not buying a new TV or car.

Giving from additional income like a garage sale or a secondary job.