Apex Student Ministry strives to help equip students for a lifelong walk with Christ. Paul tells us to press on toward the goal (Philippians 3:14). We believe that it is essential to equip students to grow in their relationship with Christ, growing even closer to Him as they walk through this life. The Apex is the highest point of a mountain that every climber strives to reach. Similarly, in our walk with Christ, we should be moving upward, striving to reach the prize that we have been heavenly called toward.


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Foothold – Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm

Every climber must have a good foothold in order to climb higher and avoid falling. Foothold is a time of giving our students the essentials they will need to continue to climb higher long after they leave the youth group.  Foothold is our large group time including 7th – 12th graders that meets in the Peak. Basketball, dodgeball, video games, ping pong, pool, air hockey and other activities take place before and after Foothold. During Foothold we spend time in worship, large group Bible Study, and small groups. We encourage you to bring your friends and join us!


Basecamp – Sunday 9:45-10:45am

Climbers need to make sure they have all the equipment they need to succeed and a group of climbers they can work with to reach their common goal. Basecamp is designed to help students bond with other believers with whom they can connect and hang out. During Basecamp students will also study God’s Word to discover the basics of our faith that will help them prepare for the long climb ahead. We meet in the Peak each Sunday.

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Youth Camp

Each summer we get away for a week to spend time with God and our whole group. Camp is one of the most important events we go to each year. It helps the group to accelerate their friendships with each other and God. The camp we attend varies from year to year.

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Dates: June 16-21

Deposit is $60. Total is $350.

Mission Trip

We believe our students are called to serve now and not just when they are older. Putting your faith into action is important. Mission trips allow us to put our faith into action and is a high priority in the student ministry. Our mission trip varies from year to year, but usually involves backyard Bible clubs and light construction. We have traveled to Ecuador, Galveston, Victoria, Mexico, Alabama, Florida and other locations. These trips have had lifelong impacts on our students.

This year we are going to Arlington, TX to work with Mission Arlington and we will take a day to go to Six Flags and a Rangers vs Astros game! Cost is $150 and a deposit of $50 is due by May 1st to save your spot. Here is the direct link for sign up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfVgtRFnhhNDHyGWBwkGWTK_7kve0vvDyrM7u16fIBwhfbcHg/viewform

Hot Hearts

Hot Hearts is the largest Youth Evangelistic Event in the Golden Triangle. The event brings nationally known worship leaders, concert artists and speakers. We join with thousands of other teens from the area for this life-impacting weekend.

More information can be found at hothearts.org

Spring Break Mineola

On spring break we take a youth trip (7-12th grade) to Mineola, TX. We spend some time in God's word and with the great outdoors. We are able to fish, hike, swim, play basketball, see tons of animals and more!

DNOW (Disciple Now)

Generation Multitask. It’s a fitting label for an overcommitted, over-entertained generation of teenagers, don’t you think? School, band, sports practice, work, volunteering, and hours of “screen time,” all create a tremendous drain on their lives. Where is the time for cultivating their relationship with Christ?

The Pause will teach students to “hit pause” to spend time growing their relationship with God. They’ll learn how to pray, how to memorize Scripture, and how to curriculum specific passages of the Bible. Basically, they’ll learn how to develop the habits that will lead them into a vibrant relationship with Christ.

Summer Events

Throughout the summer we go on several fellowship trips that involve our whole group! Incoming 7th graders are welcome on these summer trips as well.

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