Connection Groups are the heart of First Baptist Church. These small groups meet at 8:30 and 9:45 on Sunday mornings. The purpose of these groups is to provide a place for authentic relationships and life-changing Bible study. It is important for people to engage in relationships that provide love, support, and encouragement. Connection Groups are a place where this can take place. We have a variety of groups with different age ranges and styles, creating enough diversity to satisfy the needs of everyone.

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Don’t miss the launch of Better Together on September 15th.  Through it, come discover how God planned for Christians to fulfill His purposes in community with each other in our church families, small groups, and in the world as a whole. Why did God plan it this way? Because we’re better together!  We will do this through Sunday morning services, connection groups and service.

This series will deepen your understanding of how God uses community for your own good and growth, as well as help you cultivate deeper relationships with those around you. Learn to fulfill God’s purposes … discover how we are better together. 

Everyone needs to join a small group if you’re not already part of one.  Pick up a brochure at the Welcome Center or below is a download to help you find a connection group so you will be able to participate in the small group Bible studies as well.  On October 13th, following each service, we will have  a ministry fair to provide you an opportunity to discover an area of service. 

Better together will conclude with a week of service.  We are asking each connection group from children to adults to find a service project in our community.  Then on Sunday morning, October 27th we will have a service celebrating and sharing all God was during in our community during the week.



Our desire is for every person to find the group where he or she belongs. If you are new to First Baptist or have been attending for a while but are not connected to a group, we want to help you find the group for you. You are encouraged to try several of our groups and find the one that best fits who you are.

Click HERE for a list of our connection groups times, locations, and teachers.

If you need additional information about our groups, contact our church office at 409-886-7461.