Local Missions

Galatians 5:13 says that we “through love, serve on another.” God has not saved us to sit around, soak up inspiration, and then do nothing. God has saved us to serve others – in the church and, especially, outside the church. Service in the church builds bridges of evangelism to the unchurched world.

Our Local Mission Team (LMT) exists to search out and create ministry opportunities for FBC members.    We believe service is something God has called us to, and it plays a major role in a Christian’s spiritual development.  The LMT has the task of finding service opportunities both locally and throughout the state of Texas.  Through the efforts of this team, we have done construction projects locally and in other areas of the state.  Other examples of service include snack bags in the hospital waiting rooms, feeding lunch to teachers and staff at local schools. Our teams have an open concept which allows anyone to join a team at any time.  If you have some ideas about how to serve our community, please come join us and become a part of our mission team.